Blocknative’s real-time observability platform provides end-to-end transparency into the entire Web3 transaction lifecycle. With Blocknative you can:

Blocknative’s global real-time web3 data platform benefits:

  • L2s: optimize settlement to the Ethereum L1 and proactively demonstrate your ecosystem’s commitment to orderly and predictable transaction settlement. Leverage state-of-the-art data transparency best practices to stay ahead of regulator questions and concerns.

  • Developers: improve user experience through programmatic access to ephemeral real-time data, wallet connection, and gas estimation.

  • Researchers: enable research into pre-chain and on-chain behavior via the capture and archiving of historical ephemeral data.

  • Traders: level the playing field to ensure that all network participants have equivalent data access.

  • Institutional investors: provide the necessary data transparency for institutional investors to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

  • End-Users: provide end-users with the clarity to transact with confidence.

We strive to create a world class developer experience, so be sure to join our Discord to ask any questions, provide feedback, and tell us what else you would like to get from Blocknative.

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