Gas Platform

Gas Platform is an industry leading product that leverages real-time mempool data to deliver transaction gas price distribution and predict the gas price required to get into the next block.

Blocknative’s Gas Platform is the industry’s most accurate gas prediction tool. Most gas estimators use simple heuristics for setting a transaction’s max fee, which are often based on the worst-case scenario of maximum network congestion. By predicting gas fees based on real-time data and predictive modeling using our global mempool infrastructure and existing machine learning pipelines, there is a 16% average reduction in max fee.

There are several key factors that differentiate the Blocknative Gas Platform:

  • Based on quantile regression model: well-suited for the task of accurately and consistently predicting the next block's minimum marketable gas price

  • Accurately predicting minimum gas price: Prediction models must measure the validity of their results against the ground truth of confirmed blocks.

  • Avoiding overspend: Confidence in predicting sufficient gas price to be included in the next block must be balanced against overspending. Our goal is to be as close as possible, but not below, the minimum gas price of the next block.

  • User control: Since different users have different degrees of urgency for getting transactions into the next block, we were careful to provide a range of confidence levels for next block inclusion.

There are three gas APIs that are easy to integrate into your protocol, dapp, or bot:

  • The Block Price API provides precise, real-time calculations required for next-block confirmation.

  • The Base Fee Estimates API provides both type-2 base fee and type-3 blob base fee prediction 5-10 blocks into the future.

  • The Distribution API provides the distribution of gas prices in the mempool at that moment in time.

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