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Blocknative UserOps Explorer

Visualize live 4337 userOperations in our UserOps Explorer.

Blocknative 4337 UserOps Explorer

Use Blocknative's 4337 UserOps Explorer to visualize real-time 4337 transactions on several networks.
The dashboard shows:
The hash of the userOp
Transaction status
Transaction status according to the public mempool: cancel, confirmed, dropped, failed, pending, pending sim, speedup, stuck
userOp status
4337 userOp mempool status when available (waiting on P2P network to be live)
Sender address
Transaction Hash
Hash generated when transaction is submitted
Block Number
Block number for transactions that are on-chain. Field is null unless notification status is confirmed or failed.
Full decoding of the userOperation callData is coming soon.

Supported Networks

UserOps Explorer supports the following Ethereum and EVM compatible networks:
  • Ethereum goerli
  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Polygon matic-mumbai (soon)
Last modified 8mo ago