Blocknative Data Archive

Blocknative logs all mempool transactions from nodes in multiple geographical regions for the Ethereum mainnet blockchain. This includes information on when transactions entered, exited, replaced, finalized, or were rejected. Currently there are two datasets:

  • Mempool Archive which contains the history of Ethereum mempool transactions since November 2019.

  • Blob Archive which allows you to enter a blob hash to receive the full blob data or the blob summary of any blob that has entered the Ethereum mempool.

The Data Archive is available for public benefit to enable researchers and community good projects. It may be freely used for non-commercial purposes. If you want to use this data for commercial use, contact us at Terms and Conditions - License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Join the community

The Mempool Data Program is a group of researchers and community contributors actively engaged with the Blocknative mempool data archive. If you want to connect with peers, share insights about your research, receive guidance on utilizing the data effectively, and connect with the Blocknative data science and product teams, join the community on telegram. Visit the Research page to view content from the Mempool Data Program community (posts, papers, tweets, etc).

Use Cases

The Blocknative Data Archive can be used to research:

  • Historic gas trends

  • Censorship

  • Transaction inclusion

  • MEV

  • Private transactions

  • Bug fixes

  • Block sequences of interest

  • Trading strategies

  • Third-party strategies

  • Malicious activity

  • Probes for potential exploitation

  • Blobs


If you have any questions please join the Blocknative Mempool Research Telegram channel where our team can provide guidance.

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