Release Notes

Release Notes

February 21, 2024 [v0.5.0]

  • Updated Filter Panel: Updated UX for filters.
  • Marketable Transactions Toggle: New view to see the number of recent transactions in the mempool priced to be included in the next block.
  • Private Transactions Only Checkbox: Filter for only private transactions by checking a box.
  • 4-Byte Signature Filter: Added filter for contract methodName.
  • Event Signature Filter: Added filter for log topic0.
  • Type 3 filtering: Added in type 3 / 4844 / Dencun ready filtering.

January 24, 2024 [v0.4.0]

Features (video overview):
  • Sharable Filters: Saved filters now have unique URLs so that you can share them with your community.
  • Transactions Since Genesis: You can now access comprehensive on-chain transaction data back to Ethereum Genesis.
  • Address Labeling: Automatic decoding of over 31 new addresses and method signatures.
Fixes and Enhancements:
  • Enhanced Optimism Bridge Call Decoding: Contract calls made to the Optimism bridge are now decoded.
  • Naming Update: 'My Searches' is now 'My Filters' for added clarity.
  • Refined Navigation: Green 'Newer Blocks' count bar now brings you to the top of the chain via a click.
  • Persistent Filters on Refresh: Unsaved filters will now persist even after a refresh. For long term usage, save them to your account.
  • Improved Filter Application: Refined block and transaction selections when applying and clearing filters for improved UI.
  • UX Improvements: Improved routing to a more friendly 404 page, filter use and data consistency, and error messaging.

January 10, 2024 [v0.3.0]

Features (video overview):
  • Rollups: Easily view decoded Optimism rollups.
  • Private Transaction Labeling: Visualize private transactions and identify bundle patterns within a block with the new block view labelling feature.
  • Empty Block Indication: Empty blocks are now labeled for better visibility.
  • V1 Mobile Support: Ethernow can now be accessed on mobile devices. For full functionality we recommend using the desktop version of Ethernow.
Fixes and Enhancements:
  • Multi-Tab Login/Logout: Logins and logouts are now seamlessly synced across multiple tabs for a more secure experience.
  • UI Refinements: Added margin to prevent overlap with the feedback button and gas chart.
  • Updated Field Naming: Replaced references of ‘created by’ to ‘from’.

December 18, 2023 [v0.2.6]

Features (video overview):
  • Private Transaction Filtering: View private transactions as they appear on-chain with a simple click of a button. With the dedicated Private Transactions filter, view will be updated to only display the private transactions in each block as well as their relative ordering within the block.
  • Instant Access to the Mempool Data Archive: Removal of API key for streamlined access to the Blocknative Mempool Historical Archive.
  • Block Highlighting: Easily spot blocks that match inputted criteria.
  • Saved Filters: Unsaved filters will stay put until fully logged in and ready to save.
Fixes and Enhancements:
  • Maintained Block Position: Current position in the block feed remains when switching from block view to live mempool view.
  • Removal of Phantom Matching Transaction Blocks: Fixed issue of seeing 0 matching transaction blocks when no filter is applied.
  • Improved Saved Searches: Rename tabs and refresh saved searches without any unexpected tabs jumps or surprises.
  • Clarity in Gas Calculation: Renamed "estimated gas needed" to "base fee" for better clarity.
  • Enhanced Pending Event Display: Reorganized the display of pending events to make it more intuitive for the user in the transaction journey.