Rate Limits

Rate Limit information on Notify API use

Blocknative currently has several rate limits:

System Limits

Blocknative limits all accounts to 1000 requests per 5 minute time period per IP address. This prevents a large number of transaction and address watching from being added or removed quickly and enables us to ensure robust up times.

Daily Rate Limits

If your API key exceeds the daily rate limits below your webhook will receive an error message. To upgrade your plan and to see details on all our different plan offerings, please visit blocknative.com/pricing

Account Plan


Production 1

Growth 1

Event Limit




Simulation Event Limit




Watched Address Limit




Our prototype plans are delivered on a best-efforts basis.

Reset Time

Event limits reset daily at UTC±00:00.

Watched Address Limit

The Watched Address Limit is applied once reached and does not reset. Please upgrade your plan to add more watched addresses. You can remove older watched addresses to make room within your limit under your current plan.

Rate Limiting Method

The daily event limit is cumulative number of events (notifications) delivered over the 24 hour time period starting from UTC±00:00.

Account Dashboard

Your current usage and rate limit for the day can be viewed in the Account Dashboard next to each API key. The graphic shows a progress bar, the number of notification events sent to your API key (websocket or webhook), and the percentage of your limit used so far. The progress bar starts green, turns yellow after 50%, and finally turns red at 80%. The progress bar will reset to empty at UTC±00:00.


When you reach your rate limit, the Notify API will POST an error message instead of events:

  error: "You have reached your event rate limit for today. See account.blocknative.com for details."

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