Transaction Distribution Network

Get transactions on chain


Blocknative’s Transaction Distribution Network (TDN) accelerates your transactions by simultaneously injecting them into multiple Ethereum nodes located around the world. This accelerates the Ethereum network’s peer-to-peer (p2p) propagation, which means validators, will see them faster. Moreover, TDN's self-optimizing p2p layer automatically routes around network congestion. The result is more predictable outcomes for your transactions, matching expectations for a smooth transaction experience.
TDN currently supports Ethereum Mainnet

API Overview

TDN uses an event-based Websocket API. You submit transactions in the usual hex format, and we accelerate their delivery. As your transaction propagates across the globe, we return asynchronous events. A submission event means your transaction has begun propagating through the network; you will receive one of these for each transaction you submit, and it will be the first event you receive. An injection event means your transaction was injected into the Ethereum network somewhere in the world. You will receive an injection event for each injection point. Injection events will either be successful or failed. In the latter case, they will contain an error message.


Please reach out to the Blocknative team in our discord community.