Explorer - Getting Started

How to go hands-on with the Ethernow Explorer.

Live Mempool Feed

When you enter the Ethernow.xyz Explorer, you will access the live feed of transactions in the Ethereum mempool.

You will also see the following mempool data:

  1. Bar graph showing incoming mempool transactions for recent blocks. Here you can see the number of transactions that entered the mempool and the number of transactions that were included in the block.

  2. Percent of ERC-20 and ERC-721 transactions in the mempool.

  3. EOA vs Smart Contract transactions in the mempool.

  4. Estimated gas needed to get your transaction on-chain, based on the Blocknative Gas Platform.

Historical Blocks Feed

On the left hand panel you will find a list of blocks. Most recent block proposed is at the top. You can scroll this list to view historical blocks.

This shows you the block number, the number of transactions in the block and how long it has been proposed.

Live Transactions Feed

On the second left hand panel you will see a live feed of transactions entering the mempool and you can watch them go from pending to confirmed (or failed, replaced, dropped, etc).

Customizing Your View of the Live Mempool

You can customize your view of transactions entering the mempool in a few ways.

Block Summary

You can click on any on-chain block to see more details about its composition.

In the summary view you will find the following information:


Block hash

The hash of the block

Block Number

The block number

Finality Status

A finalized block can not be reverted without slashing at least 1/3 of all the validators stake. An unfinalized block can be considered safe (unlikely to be reverted) or unsafe (susceptible to reorgs) depending on how much time has passed. Usually 5 minutes.

Transactions count

The total number of transactions included


Number of blobs in the block.

EOA VS Smart Contracts

Percent of EOA versus smart contract transactions included.

Public VS Private ratio

Public transactions (detected in the mempool) versus private transactions (not detected in the mempool).

ERC-20 and ERC-721

Percent of ERC-20 and ERC-721 transactions.


Timestamp detailing when the block was proposed.

Fee Recipient

Fee Recipient displaying the address that received fees from the transactions in this block.

Base Fee

Base Fee showing the minimum gasUsed multiplier required for a transaction to get included in the block. Expressed in Gwei.

Gas Used

Gas Used displaying the total gas that was used in the block.

Blob Base Fee Per Gas

The blob's base fee, denoted in Gwei.

Blob Gas Used

The total blob gas used by a blob.

You can also click on the block to see which transactions were included in the block, in what order they were placed, their gas price and if they were private or not. Note: you can sort your view to only see Private Transactions, to learn more about this read here.

The To address will appear as a label if available. For example in the picture above, MEV Bot, Uniswap Universal Router and Maestro Router 2 are labelled for better human readability. To learn more about our labels, check the list here.

Transaction Details

You will find a Details tab and a JSON tab for all transactions.

Depending on the transaction, you may also see a Rollup tab, a Boost tab, or a Blob tab. More details on each tab below:

Viewing Transaction Details

In the block summary you can click into each transaction to understand further details. The summary view of each transaction includes:


Transaction Action

The main action of the transaction (swap, transfer, approve, etc).


The address that created the transaction.


The transaction destination.

Time in Mempool

The time that the transaction spent in the mempool.

Final Block

Block number of the block the transaction landed in.

Block Position

Position of the transaction in the block.


The transaction nonce.


The transactions entire journey in the mempool (cancel / confirmed / dropped / failed / pending / speedup / replaced).

Gas Used

Total gas used for the transaction

Base Fee Per Gas

The blob's base fee, denoted in Gwei.

Max Priority Fee Per Gas

The maximum value for a tip offered to the miner/validator per unit of gas.

Max Fee Per Gas

The blob's base fee, denoted in Gwei.

Gas Price

Effective gas price for the transaction (in Gwei)

Execution Base Fee

The base fee times the gas used.

Execution Priority Fee

The priority fee times the gas used.

Total Execution Fee

Sum of the execution base fee plus the execution priority fee.

Viewing Full JSON Payloads

You can view each transaction's full JSON payload by clicking the "JSON" tab for a specific transaction in Ethernow.

Viewing a Rollup

If the transaction was part of an Optimism or Base rollup a 'rollup' tab will appear.

Here you will see an overview that contains:

  • Parent Hash: Equal to the Optimism safe head block hash.

  • Timestamp: When the rollup batch was submitted to Ethereum.

  • Epoch Number: Ethereum block number used to anchor the state of the Optimism or Base rollup batch.

  • Total Transactions: Number of transactions included in the rollup batch.

You will also be able to see a list of transactions that were included in the batch. For each transaction you will see:

  • From Address: Initiating Ethereum address.

  • To Address: Receiving Ethereum address.

  • Value: Amount of ETH transferred.

  • Max Fee: The maximum value for the transaction fee (including basefee and tip) offered to the minor/validator per unit of gas.

  • Max Priority Fee: The maximum value for a tip offered to the miner/validator per unit of gas.

  • Nonce: Sequential number tied to every transaction made by the sender.

  • Method ID: 4-byte code derived from the hash of a function's signature in Ethereum smart contracts.

Example of an Optimism transaction rollup tab.

For more details please see the Optimism documentation.

Viewing Blob Details

If the transaction is a blob, a "Blobs" tab will appear in the transaction details view.

Here you will be able to see:


  • Number of Blobs: Each blob can contain 1 to 6 individual blobs.

  • Blob Space Used: Includes the total data used by the blob (KiB), the total possible data size of blob, which is the number of blobs multiplied by 128 (KiB) and the % utilization (total data used / total possible data size).


  • Blob Gas Used: The total blob gas used by a blob.

  • Gas Used as Calldata: The hypothetical gas used if blob data was calldata instead

  • Blob Base Fee Per Gas: The blob's base fee, denoted in Gwei.

  • Blob Max Fee Per Gas: The maximum fee a user is willing to pay per blob gas, denoted in Gwei.


  • Blob Fee: The blob base fee multiplied by the blob gas used, denoted in ETH

  • Execution Base Fee: The base fee times the gas used.

  • Execution Priority Fee: The priority fee times the gas used.

  • Total Fee: The blob fee plus the execution base fee plus the execution priority fee.

  • Total Fee As Calldata: The hypothetical total transaction cost as calldata.

Blobs (number)

  • Versioned Hash: The unique hash of each blob inside a blob transaction.

  • Commitment: The unique KZG commitment of each blob.

  • Size: The amount of data in a blob, denoted in KiB. Each blob can store up to 128 KiB of data.

For more information on blobs please read this blog post.

Viewing Transaction Boost Details

If the transaction was sent privately using the Transaction Boost RPC endpoint, a "Boost" tab will appear in the transaction details view. Here you will be able to see:

  • Final Builder: The builder that landed a block on-chain with the transaction in it.

  • Tx Forwarded To: All the OFAs and builders that the transaction was sent to and their receipt status.

  • Refund: If there was a refund this will show the amount, the receiving address, and the transaction hash.

Example of a boosted transaction.

This tab will only appear if the transaction was sent via the Transaction Boost RPC endpoint.

Transactions before block height 18193249 (2023-09-22 18:46:11 UTC) may not show mempool data or indicate if it is a private transaction. For historical mempool data please use the Mempool Data Archive.

Filter Panel

Filters are a powerful feature of Ethernow. You can find them on the right hand navigation panel by clicking either these buttons.

They allow you to customize your view of the mempool to only see transactions that are interesting to you. To learn more about what you can do with Filters, go here.

Labeled Addresses

Ethernow labels popular addresses and method signatures to make it easier to watch the mempool in real-time. Below you will find a list of labels and their corresponding address(es).

Labeled Addresses

0x Exchange: 0xdef1c0ded9bec7f1a1670819833240f027b25eff

1inch V5 Aggregation Router: 0x1111111254eeb25477b68fb85ed929f73a960582

Aave: Aave Collector V2: 0x464C71f6c2F760DdA6093dCB91C24c39e5d6e18c

Aave: Incentives Controller: 0xd784927Ff2f95ba542BfC824c8a8a98F3495f6b5

Aave: Lending Pool Registry V2: 0x52D306e36E3B6B02c153d0266ff0f85d18BCD413

Aave: Lending Pool Core V1: 0x3dfd23A6c5E8BbcFc9581d2E864a68feb6a076d3

Aave: Lending Pool V1: 0x398eC7346DcD622eDc5ae82352F02bE94C62d119

Aave: Lending Pool V2: 0x7d2768dE32b0b80b7a3454c06BdAc94A69DDc7A9

Aave: Lending Rate Oracle V2: 0x8A32f49FFbA88aba6EFF96F45D8BD1D4b3f35c7D

Aave: Pool V3: 0x87870Bca3F3fD6335C3F4ce8392D69350B4fA4E2

Aave: Price Oracle V2: 0xA50ba011c48153De246E5192C8f9258A2ba79Ca9

Antbuilder: 0xc9D945721ed37c6451E457b3C7F1e0ceC42417fb

AuctionMinter: 0x19c10fff96b80208f454034c046ccc4445cd20ba

Banana Gun Router 2: 0x3328f7f4a1d1c57c35df56bbf0c9dcafca309c49

Beaverbuild: 0x95222290DD7278Aa3Ddd389Cc1E1d165CC4BAfe5

Bitfinex Deposit Wallet: 0x51c72848c68a965f66fa7a88855f9f7784502a7f

Binance: 0x28c6c06298d514db089934071355e5743bf21d60

Blockbeelder: 0x7aDc0e867EBc337E2d20c44DB181c067fA08637b

BloXroute Builder 1: 0x965Df5Ff6116C395187E288e5C87fb96CfB8141c

BloXroute Ethical: 0xf573d99385C05c23B24ed33De616ad16a43a0919

BloXroute Max Profit: 0xF2f5C73fa04406b1995e397B55c24aB1f3eA726C

BloXroute Regulated: 0x199D5ED7F45F4eE35960cF22EAde2076e95B253F

Blur Marketplace: 0xb2ecfe4e4d61f8790bbb9de2d1259b9e2410cea5

Blur Blend: 0x29469395eaf6f95920e59f858042f0e28d98a20b

Blur Bidding: 0x0000000000a39bb272e79075ade125fd351887ac

Boba Builder: 0x3b64216AD1a58f61538b4fA1B27327675Ab7ED67

BuildAI.net: 0xbd3Afb0bB76683eCb4225F9DBc91f998713C3b01

Builder0x69: 0x690B9A9E9aa1C9dB991C7721a92d351Db4FaC990

Curve.fi: 3CRV Token: 0x6c3F90f043a72FA612cbac8115EE7e52BDe6E490

Curve.fi: 3Pool Implementation Contract: 0x5F890841f657d90E081bAbdB532A05996Af79Fe6

Curve.fi: CRV Token: 0xD533a949740bb3306d119CC777fa900bA034cd52

Curve.fi: DAI/USDC/USDT Gauge: 0xbFcF63294aD7105dEa65aA58F8AE5BE2D9d0952A

Curve.fi: DAI/USDC/USDT Pool: 0xbEbc44782C7dB0a1A60Cb6fe97d0b483032FF1C7

Curve.fi: Fee Distributor: 0xA464e6DCda8AC41e03616F95f4BC98a13b8922Dc

Curve.fi: Gauge Controller: 0x2F50D538606Fa9EDD2B11E2446BEb18C9D5846bB

Curve.fi: Token Minter: 0xd061D61a4d941c39E5453435B6345Dc261C2fcE0

Curve.fi: Voting Escrow: 0x5f3b5DfEb7B28CDbD7FAba78963EE202a494e2A2

Curve.fi: yCrv Token: 0xdF5e0e81Dff6FAF3A7e52BA697820c5e32D806A8

Curve Finance: 3Pool Deposit Zap: 0xA79828DF1850E8a3A3064576f380D90aECDD3359

Coinbase: 0xa9d1e08c7793af67e9d92fe308d5697fb81d3e43

Eden Network: 0xAAB27b150451726EC7738aa1d0A94505c8729bd1

ENS Registrar: 0x253553366da8546fc250f225fe3d25d0c782303b

Eth-Builder: 0xFeebabE6b0418eC13b30aAdF129F5DcDd4f70CeA

Faith Builder: 0x5124fcC2B3F99F571AD67D075643C743F38f1C34

Flashbots: 0xDAFEA492D9c6733ae3d56b7Ed1ADB60692c98Bc5

Flashbots Old: 0xb64a30399f7F6b0C154c2E7Af0a3ec7B0A5b131a

Flashbots SGX: 0xc83dad6e38BF7F2d79f2a51dd3C4bE3f530965D6

Lightspeedbuilder 1: 0x7316b4E0f0D4B19b4aC13895224cD522D785e51D

Lightspeedbuilder 2: 0xd2090025857B9C7B24387741f120538E928A3a59

Linea L1 Message Service: 0xd19d4b5d358258f05d7b411e21a1460d11b0876f

Link: 0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca

Maestro Router 2: 0x80a64c6d7f12c47b7c66c5b4e20e72bc1fcd5d9e

Manifold Finance: 0x57865ba267D48671A41431F471933aEC32a7c7d1

Manta-Builder: 0x5F927395213ee6b95dE97bDdCb1b2B1C0F16844F

Manta Pacific Bridge: 0xdaf1695c41327b61b9b9965ac6a5843a3198cf07

Matic: 0x7d1afa7b718fb893db30a3abc0cfc608aacfebb0

Metamask Swap Router: 0x881d40237659c251811cec9c364ef91dc08d300c

MEV Bot: 0xa69babef1ca67a37ffaf7a485dfff3382056e78c , 0x6b75d8af000000e20b7a7ddf000ba900b4009a80 , 0x6f1cdbbb4d53d226cf4b917bf768b94acbab6168 , 0x98c3d3183c4b8a650614ad179a1a98be0a8d6b8e

Mint Genesis NFT: 0x8fb956ce2921954c45cb3bb41978c4c6c9736af2

Optimism: Batcher: 0x6887246668a3b87F54DeB3b94Ba47a6f63F32985

Optimism: Gateway: 0x99C9fc46f92E8a1c0deC1b1747d010903E884bE1

Optimism: L1 NFT Bridge: 0x5a7749f83b81B301cAb5f48EB8516B986DAef23D

Optimism: Lib Address Manager: 0xdE1FCfB0851916CA5101820A69b13a4E276bd81F

Optimism: ProxyAdmin: 0x543bA4AADBAb8f9025686Bd03993043599c6fB04

Optimism: Proxy OVM L1 Cross Domain Messenger: 0x25ace71c97B33Cc4729CF772ae268934F7ab5fA1

Optimism: State Root Proposer: 0x473300df21D047806A082244b417f96b32f13A33

Optimism: SystemConfigProxy: 0x229047fed2591dbec1eF1118d64F7aF3dB9EB290

Payload: 0xCE0BaBc8398144Aa98D9210d595E3A9714910748

Rsync-builder: 0x1f9090aaE28b8a3dCeaDf281B0F12828e676c326

Seaport 1.5: 0x00000000000000adc04c56bf30ac9d3c0aaf14dc

Shiba: 0x95ad61b0a150d79219dcf64e1e6cc01f0b64c4ce

stake.com: 0x974caa59e49682cda0ad2bbe82983419a2ecc400

StarkEx Sharp: 0xfd14567eaf9ba941cb8c8a94eec14831ca7fd1b4

StarkNet: Core Contract :0xc662c410C0ECf747543f5bA90660f6ABeBD9C8c4

StarkNet: Operator: 0x2C169DFe5fBbA12957Bdd0Ba47d9CEDbFE260CA7

Tether: 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7

Titan Builder: 0x4838B106FCe9647Bdf1E7877BF73cE8B0BAD5f97Titan Builder: 0x4838B106FCe9647Bdf1E7877BF73cE8B0BAD5f97

Titan Builder 2: 0x24b1D27B0f6B5A2Aa052Acf59817a8D9e7A8600A

Titan Builder 3: 0x8E57bC446f76B2054089CC5c8fA6F0F5B72fC59a

Titan Builder 4: 0x9FE3bC4A1A4116c6Dc1fFD61226E262c3f2bc561

Titan Builder 5: 0xf0Ef0B3D1CE0a2C303e76200213B3AD5dE61a4B7

TransparentUpgradeableProxy: 0xe87753eb91d6a61ea342bb9044a97764366cc7b2

Uniswap Universal Router: 0x3fc91a3afd70395cd496c647d5a6cc9d4b2b7fad

Uniswap V2 Router 2: 0x7a250d5630b4cf539739df2c5dacb4c659f2488d

Uniswap V3: Positions NFT: 0xc36442b4a4522e871399cd717abdd847ab11fe88

USDC: 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48

WETH: 0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2

Xen: 0x06450dee7fd2fb8e39061434babcfc05599a6fb8

zkSync Era Diamond: 0x32400084c286cf3e17e7b677ea9583e60a000324

zkSync Era Timelock: 0xa0425d71cb1d6fb80e65a5361a04096e0672de03

zkSync ValidatorTimelock: 0xa8CB082A5a689E0d594d7da1E2d72A3D63aDc1bD

Builder addresses are largely based on etherscan mev-builder labeling.

Viewing the Sepolia Testnet

To view the Transaction Explorer on the Sepolia tesnet toggle to "Sepolia" on the upper left hand header.


If you have any questions about Ethernow, join our discord.

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