The Ethernow Homepage shows you exactly what is happening right now on the Ethereum network. Click on each tile to expand into the Ethernow Explorer and delve further into the data. When available, clicking into the tiles provide you with a filtered view on the Explorer to make your searching even easier. To understand how filters work please see the documentation here.


The following list covers all the tiles reflected on the homepage.


Time To Next Block

The estimated time until the next block is proposed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Last Block Number

The block number of the most recently validated block on Ethereum.

ETH Burned Last Block

The amount of ETH that was permanently removed from circulation with the most recent validated block.


The current USD market price of one ETH.

Total Value Staked

The total amount of ETH staked in the network's proof-of-stake system.

ETH Transfer Value

The total value of all pending, marketable transactions in the mempool.

Stablecoin Transfer Value

The total value of all pending, marketable transactions with major stablecoins in the mempool. See the list here.

Top DeFi Swap Value

The total value of all pending, marketable transactions associated to DeFi token swaps in the mempool involving stablecoin or WETH pairs on Uniswap v2, Uniswap v3, Curve, Balancer, Bancor v2 and Bancor v3 pools.

Optimistic L2 Transactions

The number of pending, marketable L2 transactions in batch submissions from Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Zora, Mode, Kroma and Blast.

Marketable Transactions

The number of recent transactions in the mempool priced to be included in the next block. 'Priced to be included' is defined as: transactions that have enough effective gas (base fee + tip) to be included in the next block and are not stuck (in the mempool for >60 seconds). Transactions can return to being marketable if the base fee goes down.

Base Fee

The minimum amount of gas required to include a transaction in the next block.

Private Transactions

The percentage of transactions in the last block that were not seen in the public mempool.

Blob Discount

The percentage difference in total transaction cost between posting as blob data vs. calldata where percentages > 0% mean blobs are cheaper and percentages < 0% mean calldata is cheaper.

Blob Contention

The number of pending blobs divided by 6. There are a maximum of 6 blobs in a block.

Marketable Blobs

The number of blobs with a blob max fee that is greater than or equal to the current blob base fee.

Blob Base Fee

The current base fee for blobs in GWEI.

Private Blobs

The percent of blobs that were not detected in the public mempool in the last block.


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